A pessary is a soft silicon device that is placed inside the vagina to provide support for pelvic organ descent. It is designed to support the vaginal wall and assist the connective tissue that would be normally be providing support to the pelvic organs.

This can lift the pelvic organs and relieve the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. It can also provide support to the tissues as they are strengthening whilst undertaking a pelvic floor program.

Our experienced team of Physiotherapists have undertaken speciality training in the fitting of pessarys for women of all ages to help:

  • Reduce or stop urinary leaking

  • Reduce and prevent pelvic organ propase

  • Help women return to the exercise they love, especially in the post natal period

  • Prevent or delay surgical intervention


Prior to fitting a pessary we will need to do an assessment to ensure you are a good candidate for a pessary, including the assessment of your skin quality, severity of prolapse and your ability to ‘manage’ your pessary. We will link in with your GP or Gynaecologist to ensure no infection, or areas of excessive vaginal wall pressure occur over time.

At WIF we stock more than 10 different types of pessarys in multiple sizes, as we are committed to helping you find the one that best fits your body. Please be aware that the process of fitting a pessary can sometimes take 2 or more trials, as once a pessary is fitted we will usually need you to go and see how it feels in your every day life.

Pessarys can be life changing for some women, so if you feel you may be a pessary candidate or would like to try this conservative option prior to considering surgery we would love to help.