Staff. Clients. Health professionals.

We are extremely passionate about all things women’s health, and do our best to get as much information to women in our community so they can make the best choices for their body.

We post information and articles regularly on our Blog and fill our Instagram and Facebook feeds with mind food that’s educational, informative and inspiring. In 2018 we commenced running educational events for the community and encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list so that you can hear when an event is on.

We are proud of the community we have created, as that is really what makes us ‘us’. We are fortunate to have an inspiring community of clients who realise the importance of looking after their bodies for the long term and are incredibly grateful for the community of caring and expert health professionals we are connected with, all whom are working towards the same goal of best outcomes for women.

We have our very own ‘little pink book’ of contacts at WIF to next time you are in feel free to ask us who we recommend. If you are a health professional and keen to connect with us then please email us so we can find out more about you.