Nocturia has been defined by the International Continence Society (ICS) as waking one or more times each night to pass urine. It is a very common condition which affects men and women equally however it is more common in people over 50 and by the age of 80, over 50% of men and women will wake two or more times at night to pass urine.

Nocturia can have a large impact on your daily function due to its impact on sleep quality, resulting in fatigue, sleepiness, falls, fractures and bed wetting.


There are common medical conditions which are related to Nocturia. These include heart problems, kidney problems, poorly controlled diabetes, fluid retention or bladder infections and it is important that you first visit your GP to be assessed for these conditions.

Nocturia, however, can also occur without any medical condition and can often be managed without the need for medication.


At women in focus physiotherapy we first perform a comprehensive bladder, bowel, physical, and lifestyle assessment to determine the cause of your Nocturia and to create an individual management plan. This plan will likely address your sleep routine, fluid intake, physical activity, bladder and bowel habits and pelvic floor function.

Treatment for Nocturia can be highly effective and life changing. We are here to help you improve your bladder function, decrease night waking and optimise your sleep quality.


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