What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a treatment technique which involves inserting fine needles into altered or dysfunctional tissues to stimulate a healing response and restore function.

How does it work?

Often this involves dry needling of trigger points, what we commonly refer to as ‘knots,’ those hard and taut bands you may feel within a muscle. Muscles with trigger points may ‘appear’ weak, they may be associated with a constant dull ache or pain, have reduced the range of motion or be sensitive to stretch. By dry needling these trigger points, it essentially “resets” the muscle, allowing restoration of normal function and strength.

What causes trigger points?

Trigger points will often occur because of poor posture, muscular strain, overuse, fatigue, poor or incorrect movement patterns, emotional stress or altered breathing patterns.

What will I feel?

When the dry needle releases a trigger point, a muscle twitch response often occurs, and you will feel a sharp cramping sensation just momentarily followed by an immediate improvement in pain, the range of motion and function.

If you are keen to see if dry needling may be helpful for your body book an appointment with one of our dry needling queens, Hayley, Clare or Sarah.