WIF goes Gaga

Tuesday, July 31 2012

Those of you who are Lady Gaga fans may be interested to know I was rubbing shoulders (well really rubbing backs and necks!) with the Lady Gaga dancers last month at the Born This Way Tour, Sydney.

I was asked to be the Physiotherapist to diagnose and treat the injuries that these incredible dancers develop from performing and rehearsing their amazing routines night after night. Injuries ranged from acute back pain, hip impingements, pelvic girdle dysfunctions and headaches. Despite these dancers being highly trained agile individuals, the rigours of the tour demands have unfortunately resulted in the development of these injuries. We all may not be professional athletes, but it is important to realise that regardless of how fit, strong or skilled you are if you repeat the same movement over and over sooner or later you too may develop an injury.

Have a think about what movements you do repeatedly in your day, such as lifting your baby or sitting in front of a computer and look for ways you can modify it, and strengthen your body to cope with the task.

Just like these dancers, you too need to look after yourself as the show must go on!

Physio at Lady Gaga

Physio at Lady Gaga