Lyz Evans

Provider Number: 4147084A

Womens Health, Musculoskeletal and Pilates Physiotherapist

Lyz Evans founder of Women In Focus has a unique combination of skills to treat women with complex conditions of the musculoskeletal system and pelvic floor.

Lyz graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Sydney in 2004 and has since undertaken specialised post-graduate studies through Curtin University in Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapy. She has worked at The Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick since 2009, and prior to this in several maternity hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Lyz has undergone extensive training in the specific treatment of pelvic, hip, spinal and rib conditions over the last several years whilst working at one of Sydney’s leading and most respected clinics in this field. She has also lectured on seminars for GPs and Physiotherapists on the pelvic floor and instructed on several courses for treatment of back, pelvic, rib and neck pain.

When Lyz isn’t being a Physio, she loves taking her adorable puppy to the park, dining out in Sydney’s great restaurants, and keeping fit by attending cross training and pilates classes.


Sarah O’Neill

Provider Number: 4190759F

Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Polestar Clinical Pilates Practioner

Sarah graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Notre Dame Perth in 2008 following completion of her first degree in Health Sciences in her hometown of Adelaide in 2004. She has since undertaken extensive post graduate training in Pilates receiving her Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction specialising in Rehabilitation in both equipment and matwork. She has worked in private practice focusing on musculoskeletal since 2009, and a subsequent keen interest in Women’s Health prompted a move to Sydney in 2012 to further her training and skills in this area.

Sarah works to provide the link between musculoskeletal and movement dysfunction and with her specialised training in Pilates, manual therapy and dry needling, she enjoys progressing clients from treatment to strengthening in their rehabilitation. Over the past year whilst working at a high profile private practice in Sydney’s CBD she has focused her Physiotherapy training in the area of Women’s Health, treating pre and post natal women, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and continence issues. Sarah’s treatment is focused on a combination of Physiotherapy techniques, dry needling and corrective exercises.

Since moving to Sydney, Sarah has begun acquainting herself with all the best breakfast and coffee spots and loves to challenge herself by attending Pilates classes and running during the week.


Melissa Chapman

Provider Number: 2497415Y

Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Pilates Practitioner

Melissa graduated as a physiotherapist from the University of Sydney in 2002 and upon having her first child shortly after became interested in the complexities of treating women during their child bearing years.

13 years on and with another 2 children she has worked for over 10 years at RPA Women and Babies as a women’s health physiotherapist and childbirth educator and another 2 years at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick. With a senior role at each hospital she has been able to gain valuable experience treating women with complex pelvic floor dysfunctions as well as musculoskeletal complaints associated with pregnancy and the postnatal period.

With a special interest in exercise for women, Melissa has training in pilates mat work and has enjoyed the rewarding experience of over 10 years of teaching prenatal, postnatal and seniors pilates groups.

When she isn’t working she enjoys running and swimming and keeping up with 3 active children.


Karen Crudden

Provider Number: 4389044X

Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Pilates Practitioner
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Karen Graduated from the University of Ulster, Ireland with first class Honours in Physiotherapy in 2009. She has since worked in private clinics in both New Zealand and Sydney, were she has built a strong knowledge and expertise as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

In the last few years Karen realised her passion for Women’s Health, and has since undertaken further training in the areas of of pelvic floor, continence, pregnancy and postnatal care. It has been through her musculoskeletal work, that she realised that many of the woman she managed with pelvis and low back issues, also had underlying pelvic floor problems so was determined to learn more to be able to provide better treatment outcomes for her clients. Karen has also completed her full APPI Mat Pilates certification, which she will often draw on in her treatment sessions, not to mention as her in fun and functional pilates classes.

Karen is a dedicated Physiotherapist who is committed to continuing her professional development to provide her clients with effective and evidence-based treatment strategies. Karen finds treating the female population incredibly rewarding, and feels strongly about the role that Physiotherapy can play in improving a woman’s quality of life, pregnancy and labour experiences, and postpartum recovery.

Karen is very happy to call Australia ‘ home’ and when she isn’t being a Physio, enjoys spending time with friends, her Australian family and exploring beyond the beautiful Sydney.

You will find Karen in the clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Peta Gosbee

Provider Number: 2665217F

Musculoskeletal and Visceral Therapist
MPhty, BAppSc (Ex&Sp.Sc)
Postgraduate Certificate Sports Physiotherapy

Peta has 13 years experience as a physio, with special interest in the pelvis, hip, thoracic and rib injuries. She has worked extensively treating both pre and post natal women to address these issues. With a background in exercise and sports science she also has a special interest in the education and development of exercise programs for women in pregnancy or postnatal women keen to return to exercise safely.

Peta has completed her postgraduate certificate in sports physiotherapy and is currently completing her Masters in sports Physiotherapy. She is currently the physio for the NSW trampolining Elite squad and is involved with NSW Gymnastics. She has also worked with rowing, running and soccer players. She has a strong interest in the development of lumbopelvic stability and addressing pelvic floor issues in athletes. She has extensive training in the use of Real Time Ultrasound to assist in appropriate feedback.

Most recently Peta has completed extensive training in Visceral manipulation. This involves gentle manual techniques that encourage the normal tone and motion of the viscera (internal organs) and their surrounding connective tissues. She uses these techniques to address abnormal forces from the viscera that may be affecting the optimal functioning of the body, its movement and posture.


Sarah May

Provider Number: 4738384B

Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Polestar Clinical Pilates Practioner

Sarah graduated as a physiotherapist from Otago university in New Zealand in 2006 and since then has worked in a variety of areas, giving her a extensive understanding of health and the body as a whole. Sarah is an and energetic Physiotherapist with a passion for clinical pilates, Musculoskeletal conditions and pelvic floor care

Sarah discovered Pilates after moving to Sydney in 2013 when rehabilitating her own body, and this sparked a love for what Pilates can add to physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation. Since then, Sarah has undertaken extensive Pilates training and has received a Professional Diploma of Rehabilitation Pilates through Polestar Pilates, a leader of education in the Pilates world. Sarah teaches both equipment and mat Pilates classes, and enjoys using this to help people return to the activities they love doing.

Sarah is passionate about looking at the body as a whole, and finding the underlying cause for pain or movement dysfunctions, rather than just treating the symptoms. After spending several years specialising in rehabilitating people post orthopaedic surgery, Sarah understands the importance of identifying and treating issues early, before they become a more chronic health issue. Sarah has a particular interest in treating issues relating to women, especially the underlying link between the pelvic floor and other musculoskeletal issues.

When not at work Sarah will be found outside as much as possible. She enjoys sailing, pretending she can surf and challenging herself with Pilates classes.


As many of our patients are mums we are child and baby friendly.


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