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An interesting read on the wave of new generation pelvic floor treatments

Friday, November 18 2016


Click on the link below for an interesting read from the November issue of ELLE magazine on the wave of new generation pelvic floor treatments, quoting our practice principal Lyz Evans:

Elle Magazine – The Way, Way Down

It certainly is an exciting time with new treatments for the pelvic floor such a laser for ‘pelvic floor tightening’  coming into the mix, at WIF we are hopeful that these new treatments may have a role to play in SOME pelvic floor conditions such as stress urinary incontinence. Trials for the laser are still being undertaken in Australia, so for the meantime we need to keep with the ‘traditional approach’ of pelvic floor muscles strengthening and watch this space for outcomes of clinical trials. If you find Pelvic floor exercises just that bit too ‘ traditional’ then why not mix it up a little with pelvic floor weights or funky blue tooth devices?! Have a chat to our pelvic floor Physio’s next time you are in the clinic to learn more. :)